The ARGOS Challenge, a initiative of the R&D of Total E&P

The E&P conducts R&D work in areas close to its core discipline, but has also created in 2014 "Prospective Labs" dedicated to exploratory research. Five small and agile structures (the Labs) explore technologies, as yet undeveloped, beyond our traditional scope of work which could prove to be a disruptive technology for our activities.

This pioneering and exploratory mindset of Total’s R&D is not new : indeed, water treatment techniques using ceramic membranes have been developed over the past few years ; also, the video cards – springboards for high-performance computing, that video-game developers are to be thanked for – have been used for oil software applications.

The ARGOS challenge is part of this determination to stay one step ahead and identify emerging breakthroughs that could bring decisive advantages to exploration and production.


Tests in one of the laboratories of the Total Scientific and Technical Center in Pau, France

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