TWICE, an in-house network to promote diversity

Total is engaged in a number of proactive initiatives designed to promote diversity, particularly when it comes to recruitment, pay, representation and career management. TWICE is one of these key initiatives to further the position of women in our organisation.


    TWICE 2017 annual event in Paris, France


    TWICE 2016 annual event in Paris, France.


    TWICE Pau sponsored three rafts in the 16th TOUSKIFLOT to promote teamwork and women's involvement with a unifying and motivating project.

  • TWICE goes to school: sharing at local elementary school, a way of giving back to community.

  • TWICE members gathering, a fun way of knowing and empowering TWICE members.

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The Total women's network

TWICE is an acronym for Total Women’s Initiative for Communication and Exchange. Created by an employee, this in-house network is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and boasts a community of around 3,000 members. Its objective: to contribute to the professional development of women working at Total.

The agenda:

  • mentoring and themed workshops for advising and supporting women throughout their careers.
  • raising awareness amongst employees.
  • working groups.

The TWICE network is open to any woman in the Group who wants to join, wherever she works and whatever her segment or profession. Supportive men are also welcome in governance and at most events. Our managers, right up to the top levels of the company, also get involved in TWICE initiatives.

"We believe that by advancing the Group's diversity, everyone wins, on an operational, managerial and cultural level. Our aim is therefore to accelerate diversity by helping women and like-minded men who want to take their rightful place and bring their contribution to the Group." Odile de Damas-Nottin, TWICE President and Audit Director for the Group

A network without borders

The issues women face in their careers and in achieving job satisfaction are the same the world over: different ways of communicating, articulating ambition or choosing roles (support, technical or management).

Volunteer employees, conscious of these differences, come together at TWICE network meetings in 17 countries, including Angola, the USA, Belgium and Indonesia. They want to develop TWICE initiatives for the good of everyone: contacts, discussions, sharing best practices, testimonies, problem solving, and understanding challenges and obstacles to developing knowledge and confidence.

"The TWICE Singapore network has been active since 2014. It helps women to fully realise their potential at TOTAL, ensures their views on key topics are heard and raises awareness of gender equality among all TOTAL employees in Singapore. This is being achieved through activities such as Breakfast Talks, Lunch & Learn, mentoring programmes, social events, etc." Celia Yeoh – Supply Coordinator, Total Singapore

A group committed to professional equality

Through initiatives such as TWICE, Total's work to promote diversity and gender equality in the workplace is proving fruitful year after year: today the board is 55% women, compared to 38.4% in 2014. Moreover, our Group has set itself the goal by 2020 of:

  • 25% of managerial roles being occupied by women (the figure was around 5% in 2004).
  • more than 20% of executive committee positions being occupied by women (head office and subsidiaries).

Since 2010, we have also been signatories to the Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality Means Business gender equality principles drawn up by the United Nations Global Compact, as well as a worldwide agreement with the IndustriALL Global Union calling for equal pay and opportunities in the workplace (find out more). In 2016, in parallel to the World Economic Forum, we contributed to the Closing the Gender Gap in Oil & Gas: a Call to Action for the Industry initiative (find out more).

Through its commitments and collaborations, our Group is setting itself goals to both continue promoting diversity in all professions and help women reach all levels of responsibility, just like their male counterparts.

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